Coming September 2017!

Journey to Excel – Soccer High Performer Program

Journey to Excel is excited to offer an opportunity for High Performer Program athletes. Journey’s balanced approach to development will create a natural synergy with ambitious student athletes; we teach athleticism, and not just soccer. We recognize that true athleticism comes from skill, speed, fitness and determination, but also from proper recovery, mental health, nutrition, and social development. Our soccer-specific training is second to none, and we have made it a priority to ensure that the other aspects of our program are also world class. Our resources in the forms of performance psychology, nutrition and sports medicine combine to create a program offering that is unparalleled.

Our goal is to teach students how to learn, empowering them to take action in their own lives. We are focused on helping each person reach their highest potential, starting with how they train to be athletes. Here is an introduction to our Journey to Excel High Performer Program:


  1. Structure:
    • Four days per week at the MasterCard Centre
    • Each day: one on-filed skills session (120 total per year); one off-field training session (150 total per year)
    • Maximum group size is 12 students
    • Video review classes: individual game film from athletes’ current seasons
  2. ­­Transportation:
  1. Equipment storage:


On-Field Training:

Main focus on technique; work on a variety of skill sets throughout the season including:

  1. Shooting/Passing
  2. Ball control
  3. Principles of attack/Principles of Defense
  4. Goaltending technique and positioning


Off-Field Training:

Testing: To be completed at the beginning, middle and end of the school year:

  1. Body composition/weight/girths
  2. Functional movement screen
  1. Lower body power
  2. Upper body strength and endurance
  3. Core strength and endurance
  4. Speed/agility

Aerobic/anaerobic capacity


Program: Each training session will be divided into three components:

  1. Movement/speed training
  1. Power/strength development
  2. Aerobic and anaerobic energy systems development


Additional Resources Included:

  1. Sports/Performance Psychology:
  1. Nutrition:
  1. Sports Medicine:
  1. Journey to Excel Training Apparel:


Optional Meal Plan:


Program Investment: Please call or email for information.

By Phone: 416-996-5132
By email: