Train like a pro this off-season at Journey To Excel!


Program Director: Bryan Marshall

Bryan is one of the most knowledgeable and sought after strength and development coaches in the professional sports industry. Known for his unique ability to help athletes break through plateaus and set new personal records, Marshall has trained hundreds of athletes to date including many NHL, NFL and CFL players. In addition to training pros privately, he currently consults as a strength coach to player development programs in the NHL.

Building healthier, stronger and leaner bodies is Marshall’s trademark. He takes a holistic approach to improving performance by correcting physical imbalances and weaknesses, and designing appropriate nutrition and training plans for each athlete.

Ontario’s Weightlifting Champion since 2008, Marshall is an accomplished and decorated Olympic weightlifter and has worked with world-class strength and Olympic lifting coaches for the past decade.  Building strength, speed and power is Bryan’s specialty and he takes great pride in helping young athletes reach their fitness goals.

Journey to Excel –  developing Confident, Creative, Skilled Players!

Space is limited as there will be a maximum number of players that will be accepted.

Please contact Bryan Marshall, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator to inquire about registration for this program.
By email:
By phone: 416-996-5132