The sport of hockey is fast paced, physical and demanding of the body on many levels.  Therefore, the importance of an effective Strength & Conditioning program can’t be understated.  An effective Strength & Conditioning program will improve performance and help prevent injury throughout the course of a season.

Goal of the Program: The goal of the Journey To Excel Strength & Conditioning program is to:

  1. Improve each athlete’s mobility through assessment and intelligent corrective exercise prescription.
  2. Improve total body strength and power
  3. Improve Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity & Power
  4. Learn how to effectively warm-up and mobilize to prevent injury and prep for performance

Session Breakdown: Typical Strength & Conditioning Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are broken down as follows:

  1. Mobility/Dynamic Warm-Up (10-15 minutes)
  2. Resistance Training – Strength & Power focus (35-45 minutes)
  3. Energy Systems Training – Anaerobic Power & Aerobic Capacity focus (5-15 min)

Team Training Sessions: A more affordable alternative to private training, team-training sessions offer a balance between dedicated one-on-one coaching and the competitive group training experience. This is a favorite among professional athletes as it usually provides a more competitive and inspired training environment. All sessions are lead by 2 qualified Strength Coaches.

Recommending Training Schedule: Coaches and parents should not feel intimidated by quality Strength & Conditioning programs during the season.  In fact, gains can be made in every aspect of physical fitness during the course of a hockey season.  We recommend between 1-3 team dry-land training sessions per week performed either before or after team on-ice practices.

Benefits of Good Habits: Strength & Conditioning Training should be viewed as a lifestyle not as an event.  Teaching and promoting good training and eating habits early on in an athletes young career will benefit their overall health and well-being long after their playing days are over.

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